The McCarthy Wolff Bridal Wear Story

Jane Wolff
Co-Owner, Head Designer
& Creative Director

Jane is a true artist and has a natural flair for adding a poetic and dreamy touch to her creations. Her hobbies include creating art that always reflects her inner connection to nature and human souls alike. This unique combination often results in fantastically decadent pieces that wouldn't be out of place in a fairy tale. Jane creates artworks that range from fine drawings to large scale wall pieces and preserved plant sculptures.

Tayla Humphreys
Co-Owner, Studio Manager
& Co-ordinator

Tayla is a modern minimalist and has a strong passion for simplicity and organisation. She officially joined the McCarthyWolff team in 2019, where she trained for a few years, before focusing on trend research, administration and organising systems. Tayla's love for high end brands, haute couture and runway shows led her into her trend research business, and she is aiming to create that same quality and detail in the South African market.

Once Upon A Dream
Video Credit: Black Stag Creative